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Un blog con comentarios irrespetuosos sobre sexo, el polyamor, el rollo swinger/liberal, el bdsm, perversiones, rollo queer, etc... y con dosis de política cuando menos te lo esperas. ¿Y por qué la política? Pues debido a aquella cita... :"El mayor castigo para quienes no se interesan por la política es que serán gobernados por personas que sí se interesan." A. Toynbee, Historiador inglés ,1889-1975, .

jueves, 12 de abril de 2007

Asuntos técnicos

Solucionado lo de los contadores de Statcounter.

Peter Chen said...

Hi Cliford,

I hope you are not trying to add the statcounter direct to the template as with the old classic template. You will have to get to Layout and click "Add a Page Element", choose HTML/Javascript in the pop-up and paste the script you obtain from statcounter in the window.

BTW, I have found that when generating script from statcounter, it does not matter whether we tick XHTML compliant or not, as I have found both works. However, to be on the save side, perhaps you should tick XHTML compliant when you generate the statcounter script.

To make things clearer, why don't you surf over to New Blogger (formerly Blogger Beta): Adding advertisement, hit counter, etc.. Check the bottom of the post.

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